Research Computing

We offer tailor-made solutions to fulfill the needs of your research projects. We developed these solutions on top of a range of platforms, which we also built, to efficiently leverage a wide variety of functionality. We are sharing a few details here to help you understand what is possible.


  • We design, develop, and host websites for research projects, programs, conferences, and more.
  • Our responsive layouts offer advanced functionality and easy navigation.
  • We work collaboratively with you in the design, but YOU manage the content independently.
  • We take care of technical maintenance of your site

Databases and Repositories

  • We have secure, online data management solutions designed for flexibility and long-term preservation
  • Collect, organize, and share your digital data, including images, videos, documents, free text - whatever you've got
  • Standard and custom metadata sets are available to describe your data
  • Your data is easily exported for further analysis or preservation

Virtual Exhibitions

  • Showcase your digital data as galleries of virtual exhibits
  • Exhibits can include images, video, audio, documents, and textual descriptions
  • Model your data in a preservation-friendly repository environment with advanced interactive browsing, navigation, and visualizations

Data Collection Tools

  • Design data collection forms with advanced functionality
  • Surveys can employ text, images, audio and video
  • Participation can be opened to the public or restricted to focus-groups
  • Collected data can be multi-format: text, files, or audio recorded on-the-fly, and can be described using standard or customized metadata
  • Organize, share, and export data for further analysis and collaboration

Research Network

  • We can give you access to a network of virtual servers for research projects
  • Dedicated servers can be created with IST's virtual environment (at an annual cost) or with the Compute Canada cloud (free)
  • We support administration of these servers, including regular updates and the installation of special applications

Get in Touch

Planning a new project or applying for a grant? We can help evaluate technology options and bring the project to life. We offer in-kind support for your grant applications. Contact us for details.

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