Multimedia Services

We offer a number of multimedia services in support of research, administrative activities, and teaching and learning. We have highlighted a few of them below and we will be happy to discuss the details of your needs to assist you with planning and executing your projects.

Video and Audio Production

  • Single or multi-camera
  • In-studio, on-site, or virtual
  • Flipped courses, blended courses, mini MOOCs and MOOCs
  • Professional video editing, conversion, compression, colour correction, podcasting, publishing, DVD authoring 
  • Basic audio editing, conversion, compression, podcasting

Video Conferencing and Streaming

  • We offer video conferencing and live streaming services for virtual and hybrid events
  • We will also record, edit, and publish your event in a professional-quality package
  • Let us get involved from the technology-planning stage and help you address all your concerns

Digitization Services

  • We have expertise on converting old analogue audio and video material into modern archival-standard digital formats.
  • If you have access to equipment and need some guidance, we are happy to share our expertise with you and your RAs.
  • If you have large volumes of media or need professional services, we can discuss your requirements and direct you to appropriate service providers.
  • We may also be able to undertake digitization projects depending on our limited capacity but we can always evaluate your needs and facilitate the right solution to you.

Get in Touch

We are situated in the Faculty of Arts, but we support many projects in other faculties and units across campus. If you need an estimate for technical services or help hosting an event, let's talk about it.

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