Web Design & Development


We design and develop secure websites for researchers, groups, projects, conferences, events, etc.

Our designers can help you with design decisions and create the right look-and-feel for your site. Our developers will take care of all aspects of technology. As the researcher, you will just need to focus on the content for your website.

Our website designs are responsive; they change their layout automatically to fit on mobile devices. We will also integrate your site with social media of your choice. Last but not least, we will optimize your website for search engines so that it will be better discoverable, and we are able to provide you detailed reports on site usage.

Data Management Solutions

Data ManagementUse our secure, flexible, online data management solutions to collect, organize, manage, and share your collections of digital data. Data can be in forms of images, videos, electronic documents, free text, or anything else.

You can use metadata to describe and organize your data. You can execute simple and advanced queries to retrieve data. You also have options to keep your data private, share them with select partners, or make them publicly accessible.

We work collaboratively with the U of A libraries to make sure our solutions are compatible with library systems. This will help you securely archive your data sets with the libraries in the long run. We also bring in metadata experts from the libraries to help you organize your data and metadata in comprehensive and interoperable manner.

If you collect large data sets from fieldwork, expeditions, interviews, media digitization, etc. you can certainly take advantage of our data management solutions. Please get in touch with us and find out how we can help you.

Data Visualization

visualizationComplex data sets can be easily interpreted with the right visualization techniques. We can work with you develop data visualization tools to suit your needs; from simple graphs to experimental data visualization projects.

Our experience includes multiple projects with data visualization requirements including interactive web based tools and standalone desktop and mobile applications with data representations in 2D and 3D.

ARC is composed of a multidisciplinary team of people that incorporates the artistic aspect to design a tailored data visualization tool as well as the technological side that will implement it and bring it to life. We can help you to read, analyze and use the information in your complex data more effectively and efficiently.

Advanced Software Solutions


We develop advanced software solutions for projects that require special functionality. Examples include workflow management systems, online games, geographic information systems, crowdsourcing tools, and multimedia applications. We also create production quality solutions that are geared towards commercialization.

Our team has a strong Computer Engineering background and prolonged experience working in Arts. Instead of simply putting together some computer code to deliver the functionality you want, we do proper analysis of your requirements and follow industry-standard engineering design processes. The end result is a robust, extensible, and cost-effective solution that would work for you for a long period. When we create you a solution, we support it over its lifecycle.

Rapid Prototyping


Rapid Prototyping is a solution we can provide you to get started quickly.

The process is straightforward. We will analyze your requirements and shortlist several possible solutions based on readily available open-source frameworks. We will help you evaluate their pros and cons and choose one that would possibly satisfy your primary requirements out of the box.

Once the solution is chosen, we will role it out immediately so that you can get started. While you are using it, we will customize it further so that all of your requirements would be met.

Rapid Prototyping may be an option for you if you want to quickly respond to a contemporary situation. It can also be a way to test an idea or run an experiment and flesh out details for a larger grant.

Computing Network Access

serverThe Arts Research Network is a secure network of web servers, database servers, digital storage and backup facilities. We can also commission dedicated servers and storage spaces on this network for you if you have projects with large storage or computing needs.

The network is available for all Arts researchers. You can use it for hosting websites, databases, storage, or any other research-related applications. Please contact us to obtain an account.